We have 3 options for birthday parties; skiing, donutting or snowboarding. You can find details of all of these below.


We’ll do you a group lesson with an emphasis on fun. This is a structured session with an instructor and works best if everyone is of a similar ability. Minimum age 9 years.

Costs: £15 per head per hour (minimum group size 7)

When you send the invitations out, please ask for age, weight, height and shoe size, and e-mail us this information on the Group Booking Form. If we have this information before the lesson, it speeds up the kitting up process and allows longer out on the slope. Please note that a safety chat and kitting up time is included in the hour, so an hour’s lesson will not be a whole hour out on the slope – if this is an issue ask for an extra half hour.

For more information on group lessons please see here.


Our most popular birthday party activity. This activity is great fun and involves sliding down the slope in a rubber ring. Great for any age group from 6 years up. Available 7 days a week, daytime and evenings, £120 will get you an hour’s exclusive use of the donutting slope for up to 10 people. Additional participants are £8 per head.

We have 2 sizes of donut, but due to the physical strength needed to return the donut to the top of the hill we do find that some 6 year olds need a paying, participating adult each to help them.

Under 16s must bring, and wear, a helmet of some description.

For full details on donutting please click here.


As with the skiing session this is a structured session with an instructor. It’s ideal for a small group of teenagers who want to do something “cool” and different. Minimum age 12 years, maximum group size 5. Click here for further details on snowboarding.

The cost is the same as for snowboarding private tuition, for prices please click here.


We don’t offer any form of catering, although hot and cold drinks are available.  However, if you wish to bring refreshments with you, we do have a couple of picnicking areas which can be hired for a small fee (£20 for 30 minutes) after your chosen activity. The covered area is shown on the right, or we also have a set of picnic benches out in the sun, for the rare occasions when it appears! If you want an easier option than bringing food with you, ordering take away pizza to be delivered has proved quite popular, and we do have a discount arranged with our local Dominoes branch.

Please phone us to discuss your individual requirements and we will do our best to create a fun, memorable event for you.