We run the following ski courses at regular intervals from September through to March.

We only run courses for beginners, because once people have mastered the basics, everyone has different things they need to work on, so we find that Private Lessons are a much more effective way to learn. We don’t run any courses for under 9’s because this age group tends to need the much more hands on, 1 to 1 approach, of a Junior Private Lesson.

All of our courses consist of 4 sessions. If you are unable to attend a session on a course we would need you to have a private lesson to catch up on the content you had missed, this is pre-requisite to re joining the course on which the other pupils would be ahead of you.

If there are less than the minimum number of people enrolled on a course, it will still run, but for a shorter length of time. If you are not happy with this we will refund the course fee. Please note that course fees are not refundable for any other reason.

Adult Beginners Course

For the majority of people a Beginners Course is the most cost effective way for an individual to learn to ski. By the end of the course nearly everyone can use the lift, control their speed, and make basic turns.

Courses consist of 4 one and a half hour lessons, and are available from age 12 upwards. They usually run for 4 consecutive weeks and have a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 participants. If a course has less than 5 people on it, it will still run, but as a shorter course – with the smaller group size you get more goes, so the end result is the same. For younger skiers please see our Junior Beginners Course.

The total cost for the course is £90 per adult (16+ years) and £80 for 12 – 15 year olds.

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Junior Beginners Course

These courses are run during school holidays for 9-15 year olds. They usually consist of 4 one hour sessions on consecutive days and are an economical way for this age group to learn the basics. Minimum group size is 5, maximum 10. If a course only has less than 5 people on it, it will still run, but as a shorter course – with the smaller group size you get more goes, so the end result is the same.

The cost for this course is £55 per person.

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Snowboard Beginners Course

For details of snowboard courses, see the Snowboarding page.

Not a Beginner?

If you can already ski, even if it’s only a little bit, or a long time ago, please look at our private lessons.

Beginners courses are probably the most cost effective way for a novice to gain confidence and learn those all important basic skills.

They consist of 4 one and a half hour lessons, the minimum group size is 5 and the maximum is 12.

If you’re out to meet new people and want to learn from watching others this would be an ideal option. Sorry, but we have a minimum age limit of 12 years on beginners courses.