If there are more than 6 of you who want to learn together, you qualify for one of our group rates.

With all group lessons everyone should ideally be of the same standard, if one person is a beginner we have to do the beginner lesson. With skiers if everyone can do snowplough turns and use the lift then variations in ability above that don’t really matter.

Group lesson – £15 per person, minimum group size of 7. A group could be 2 families learning together, a birthday party, a work social event etc.

Youth Group lesson – £9 per head, minimum group size of 10. If you are organising a group for a specific organisation, eg Scouts, Guides, holiday camp activities, church groups, this is the rate that applies.

School Group lesson – From £8 per head, minimum group size of 10, only available before 6pm weekdays. Ideal if you are running a school ski trip. If you are only booking 1 session, or would like to bring a school group at any other time, the youth group rate applies.

All group lesson rates quoted are for an hour, with one instructor, and include kitting up time, so that an hour’s lesson will not be a whole hour on the slope. If everyone watches our kitting up video before they get here, it speeds up the process. If you want a longer session, we can do one and a half hour sessions at a pro rata rate.

For school and youth groups you will be entitled to a second instructor when the group size gets to 20; otherwise if you would like a second instructor for a large group you would need to either pay an extra £48 or pay for 20 skiers, whichever is the cheapest. Another option for large groups is to split into two groups and have one group skiing whilst the other group donuts, and then swap round for the second hour.

Setting everyone’s skis up correctly can take a little time on the first session. So that we can do this as quickly as possible, we ask that you send us everyone’s height, weight, shoe size, age and ability details beforehand, by filling in our Group Booking Form and e-mailing it to us.

We can be quite flexible, so please call us to discuss what you’d like to do.